3 Ways to Make an Interstate Move Easier

Moving to a new house is not something that most people look forward to. There's the strange unsettled feeling of knowing you will soon have to say goodbye to the place you've called home for years. There's also an impending feeling of stress in knowing that soon you will need to pack up and move everything you own. This stress is perhaps reduced if you're moving to the other side of town, but what about when you have to move to the other side of the country?

If you're planning a move to a new town in another state, then there are a few tips that can make the job a whole lot easier:

1. Your Moving Company

Smaller companies that handle interstate removals might take a little longer than others to transport your possessions. Some journeys cannot be completed in a day, and so the driver will need to stop en route, adding hours to the trip. If your move truly is a mammoth one, then opt for a company that has facilities for the driver to be changed during the journey. Many companies have depots in a number of towns and cities, so the truck will briefly stop, a new driver will get behind the wheel, and your possessions will continue on their way.

2. Your Family

Do you really want to drive your entire family on a journey that could be thousands of kilometres? Everyone will arrive feeling rested and refreshed if you fly. Pack up your home and send the moving truck on its way, and then you could stay with friends for a night. The next day, fly to your new town and you will arrive at more or less the same time as the moving truck. Plane tickets can add to what is already a significant expense, but if you need to move for work, some of these moving expenses might be tax deductible.

3. The Big Things

Big things are obviously harder to move. Will you really need all of these things at your new place? If you've been considering getting a new car, it might be easier to sell it before you leave. If this is not practical, you can ask a friend or family member to drive it for you - to be the first visitor in your new home! The same goes for large items such as gardening equipment and outdoor furniture. If they won't serve a purpose in your new home, then it's really not worth moving them "just in case." By cutting out large and unnecessary items from your move, the whole thing will be much less expensive.

Moving is never easy, but when the move is such a big one, you'll want to make it as easy as possible.

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