How to Make the Most of Space in Your Storage Unit

There are numerous reasons why you may need additional storage space. One mistake people make though is simply cramming their belongings into a storage unit with no forethought on how accessible the items will be when they're needed. Not having a plan on how to organise your possessions could lead to you having to pay for more storage space than you need because the space is not being maximised. Alternatively, you may find that your belongings have acquired damage while in storage because they were not placed appropriately. The following are some tips on how you can make the most of space in your storage unit.

Consider placing items vertically.

When it comes to bulky items such as mattresses, most people tend to position them horizontally, then load other items above them vertically. If your belongings are going to be in storage for a significant period of time, this placement poses the risk of damaging your mattress and making the cushioning lose its sturdiness. To avoid this, you would be better off placing these items in a vertical position. Not only does this free up more floor space for your other belongings, but it also helps keep mattresses in pristine condition while they are in storage.

Consider lining the walls with your belongings.

Another way to make the most of your storage space would be to arrange your belongings on the walls. Some individuals tend to store their items right in the middle of the storage space under the assumption this makes it easier for them to access their belongings. What this does though is create negative space in the storage unit that is not being used. Rather than have your items in the middle, you should consider packing them from the walls coming inward. Leaving aisles between the items ensures you have easy access to all your items.

Consider putting in shelving.

Investing in shelving allows you to make use of vertical space in your storage space. This shelving can be especially convenient if you have a spacious storage unit and would like to make the most of the dead space close to the ceiling. This way, instead of stacking items atop each other and risking damage to the belongings stacked below, items will have their own designated shelf. Secondly, it provides you with a solution in the event you wanted to raise some of your items to protect them from acquiring damage by being stored directly on the floor.

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