5 Benefits of Installing Window Security Screens

Security in homes and businesses is of paramount importance, which is why many people invest heavily in various security devices for entrances into their premises. One major part of keeping intruders at bay is making it harder for them to gain easy entry, and having visible barriers such as security screens on windows and doors is useful for this. There are many advantages to installing security window screens, and these are discussed in detail below:

1. Additional security on windows

Having a lock on the window is only one part of securing a room. It isn't uncommon for intruders to break the glass and reach in to open the lock from the inside, which is where security screens come in handy. These steel or aluminium meshed or grilled screens can prevent intruders from being able to reach between spaces or breaking glass to penetrate the locks.

2. Aesthetic appeal

While installing permanent security bars serves the same role as having security screens, bars are less appealing, especially since they give in institutional look to a house or property. Window screens are made in appealing designs that can be added to a space in accordance with the decorative theme. They can be painted in various colours as well.

3. Good airflow

Window screens allow you to keep your windows open for fresh air and plenty of light without compromising on your security. While central air conditioning is relatively affordable for residential homes, the cost implications for commercial properties is massive, and this investment would have to be made for you to be able to keep windows permanently shut. You can therefore invest in portable air conditioners to be used only when windows can't be opened or when additional cooling is necessary. This also helps to cut down on energy consumption.

4. Affordable

Security screens are the more affordable option compared with bullet-proof/unbreakable glass. Window films are an option, but these are not completely break-proof: an intruder with powerful tools can still break the glass and gain entry. Security screens can be added to existing windows without need for extensive work, and installation can be accounted for with a purchase depending on where you buy them. For a home or business with a limited budget, they are the most affordable option to guarantee high-level security.

5. Easy opening

Permanent window bars make cleaning work difficult, particularly when trying to reach between bars. However, a window screen can be effortlessly opened to allow you to clean the entire glass panel with ease. This is also important in case there's an emergency and one needs to use the window as an exit point.

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