Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

There are many types of commercial cleaning operations that are undertaken in Australia every day. A number of them are much the same as the sort of jobs you might do in your own home—vacuum cleaning and dusting, for example. Nevertheless, many of the professional cleaning services are much more specialised in nature than you might imagine. Often, a great deal of investment is required in order for a cleaning company to offer these services, for instance by purchasing specialist cleaning equipment.

  • Steam Cleaning

Unlike a once-over with a stiff broom or a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaning provides a deep clean for carpets and upholstery. Steam cleaning machines create heat and are used by professional cleaners to treat a specific fabric, so training on how to use the device's settings is usually required. Often used for office cleaning, a steam cleaner might be employed just once or twice a year to freshen carpets and curtains so that they continue to look as good as new.

  • Medical Cleaning

An important part of the safe running of any hospital, medical cleaning services are often highly specialised. Some of the healthcare cleaning sector covers basic janitorial services, such as cleaning toilets and public areas, like canteens. However, medical cleaning also includes the deep cleaning required for treatment areas, like operating theatres, blood transfusion centres and wards. Due to the need to kill off bacteria on a range of surfaces, from handrails to bed linen, highly developed anti-bacterial cleaning products are frequently needed.

  • End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

This is another type of commercial cleaning service which landlords use to minimise the period between tenants. Sometimes procured by letting agents, end-of-tenancy cleaning provides a thorough service to all parts of a home so that it is ready to be re-let. As well as cleaning items like baths, ovens and flooring, end-of-tenancy cleaning services often also include removals. For example, if a garage or box room has been left with lots of unwanted items, these are generally removed as a part of the overall service.

  • School Cleaning

Although colleges and higher education institutions are usually able to procure the services of a general cleaning contractor, schools often require a more specialised service. This is because of the potential proximity to children who might be staying on after the usual hours to attend a sports club or extra lessons. Cleaners in schools may not need specialist equipment or skills, but they will often have to be approved by the relevant local authorities.

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